Tampere Film Festival: Youth Jury Award to Jani Ilomäki

Tampere Film Festival Youth Jury Award went to Thoughts About Dying (Ajatuksia kuolevaisuudesta, 2012) by Jani Ilomäki. Congratulations!

The Mass of Men directed by Gabriel Gauchet (2012), a fiction from United Kingdom, won the Grand Prix at Tampere Film Festival International Competition.
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About Thoughts about Dying:
Boy wonders about death.

Eight-year-old Antti is told that his dog should put to sleep. Antti will have his first facing with death, and he begins to think what death means.

The film is director’s (Jani Ilomäki), cinematographer’s (Mikko Parttimaa), producer’s (Julia Elomäki) and production designer’s (Salla Lehtikangas) diploma work in Tampere University of Applied Sciences 2012.

Read more on the film official web site (bilingual Finnish/English)