International Week Workshop: “3D Graphics Using Cinema 4D”

Thomas Radeke from FH Joanneum (AT) will give the workshop “3D Graphics Using Cinema 4D” April 22-25.

“3D Graphics with Maxon CINEMA 4D” deals with concepts in 3D modelling  scene layout, textures & materials, lighting and rendering.The goal of the workshop is to learn about – and have fun with – 3D graphics software and experience what kind of visual work designers can accomplish with a tool like CINEMA 4D.
The workshop level can be anywhere between basic and advanced, depending on the participants’ interests.

The registration for International Week workshops will start April 2nd!

The sixth International Week of Tampere University of Applied Sciences School of Art, Music and Media
Art, Music and Media 6th International Week is an annual event this year with eleven workshops, seminars and discussions on new ideas and new creative cooperation. This year some of the main themes will be blended learning, collaborative on-line and real-life learning.
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