Media Culture 2020 project: Collaborative online learning in five countries

Fifty students and teachers from five universities in Finland, Latvia, Netherlands, Spain and UK have started their six week online learning project preparing the two week workshop in Tampere two last weeks of April.

The project works in five mixed online teams and in five local teams before
the workshop in Tampere. This is the local  student team in Vic

Media Culture 2020 is an Erasmus Intensive Programme project. MC2020 will demonstrate what 21th century converged and interactive European Media Culture could be. MC2020 breaks classroom and campus walls by creating open virtual learning environments where students from different countries and fields can explore and learn together.

MC2020 has also online lectures and demonstrations. Here the lecture by
Lenno Verhoog, Utrecht School of Arts is followed by students in Vic,
Tampere and Hilversum. The picture from Tampere.

The participants are art, film, media and business students from Liepaja University, Utrecht School of Arts, University of Vic, University of Lincoln and TAMK.

MC2020 will have a second two week workshop hosted by the MPLab of Liepaja University in October-November this year. The project is partly funded by EU.

MC2020 is a part of the degree studies of the students and awarded with study points.

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