How things went in DobleCLICK! - part 2

The ending lunch at the UVIC grounds. Sunny at last, and the salads were great!

So, last Friday Alicia, Emilija, Iiro, Einari and I came back to chilly Finland from Vic, Spain, where we had taken part in the DobleCLICK! of the UVIC University. Oh, what a party there was that Thursday night! And oh, how content I was of not having attended the party myself, when I saw the pale faces of our students next morning, in the train due to Barcelona airport.

We had hamburgers in this bar before the final party
Alicia and Emilija held their lecture on cultural differencies on Thursday morning, and I had time to see its beginning before I had to go and mentor another group of Spanish students. Then right after noon, we went to watch the short films that had been accepted to the DobleCLICK! competition. The screening was most pleasant and all of the films were interesting. (I have to admit that in some of the Tampere Film Festival screenings I've fallen asleep in the middle.)
We had an even more pleasant surprise when the winners of the competition were announced: A film made by TAMK Film&TV students called BAD GAME won the main prize - and a thousand euros! Iiro rose from the audience and went to receive the diploma as a representative of our school. He even got interviewed afterwards, and everybody seemed to think he was the director of the film.

In reality, the film Bad Game was the result of last year's 48 hours filmmaking event, and the students in the project group were in four different continents at the time of the shootings. So Marja Pihlaja, who belongs to the group, told me next Monday 25.3. when I gave her the award diploma and the cheque. Marja also told me that the film didn't have an actual director, and her own role had been the producer.

Marja Pihlaja with the diploma and the cheque

I wanted to post a link here, in case you want to see the Bad Game film, but I haven't found it anywhere in the Internet. So instead, I'll put an image here of what I saw at a local shop in Vic:
Local sausage shop

-- Written by Carita Forsgren --