International Week Workshop: "Non-Fiction Storytelling"

Nina Dvorko will give the workshop "Non-Fiction Storytelling in the Era of Digital Technology" on April 24.
This is one of the workshops of our International Week 2013.

This presentation/lecture introduces its audience to the new forms of documentary storytelling in the context of digital media (the Internet, virtual environments, interactive installations, locative media, computer games, transmedia, etc.) It is focused mainly on web-based documentary forms and content creation tools for non-linear documentary films.

Analysed are: communicative and technological characteristics of the user interaction with the documentary Web-projects interactive content, expressive means for digital environment, as well as the role of the tool kit (software product) in the project implementation.

Professor N.I.Dvorko employs rich material: 35 years’ worth of international practice of non-fiction storytelling creation), the projects of her students of Saint-Petersburg State University of Film and Television, the multimedia project she has been working on, which helps to study the international experience of interactive storytelling from different perspectives.

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The sixth International Week of Tampere University of Applied Sciences School of Art, Music and Media
Art, Music and Media 6th International Week is an annual event this year with eleven workshops, seminars and discussions on new ideas and new creative cooperation. This year some of the main themes will be blended learning, collaborative on-line and real-life learning.
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