Week full of innovation - hello from Odense

by Kirsi Karimäki

Four students and three teachers from TAMK had an opportunity to take part to InnoEvent in Odense in Denmark last week. In InnoEvent students from Lillebælt Academy of Professional Higher Education and University College Lillebælt create new solutions for the Odense University Hospital.

This is how it started

The whole week is about students of today creating new useful solutions for the healthcare of tomorrow.  And when the name of the week is InnoEvent we really talk about big event. The event organization is mainly handled by tens of students and hundreds of students from different fields of education participate to the event.  Students create new solutions in over 40 innovative teams for the whole week, teachers support the teams.
Of course we enjoy cakes during our visit

InnoEvent ended the Oscars Gala type of the award show in Saturday. This year the Minister for Science, Innovation and Higher Education was participating to the award ceremony.
And the winner is...

We had good time in Odense and we learned a lot, maybe next year brings us together again.

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