Brilliant support for Finnish language studies

Our teacher in Finnish language Senior Lecturer Marja Oksanen has enriched her excellent work with a new dimension. Her blog "Suomea oppimaan - Finnish language and culture for foreigners" has now been released:

Marja Oksanen with some of her students

The blog is a very good example of present-day student centered education. Marja says that blog has been made for the students to give them a channel to tell about their experiences and thoughts about Finnish language, way of living and culture here.

The sidebar of the blog has an impressive collection of links to resources for studying Finnish language and culture. The blog posts are fascinating stories written by Marja's students. So far you can find Tobias Schengber's (exhange student in Environmental Engineering) "Welcome to Lapland – Tervetuloa Lappiin"; Lishan Wu's (Environmental Engineering student) "My journey of learning Finnish"; Maksym Sytnyk's, (Environmental Engineering) "Finnish language is not difficult, it’s different – Suomen kieli ei ole vaikea, se on erilainen"; Federico di Rosa's (Media student) "Snowboarding In Tampere area – Lumilautailua Tampereella"; Henry Koch's (Environmental Engineering) "Finns – special of their own way" and Carolin B├╝ttner's (Media) Music from Finland! – Musiikkia Suomesta!

The Art&Media blog welcomes this new member of TAMK family of blogs and wishes all the best to Marja Oksanen and the students writing in it!