Film Festival guests: Director Nishtha Jain and cinematographer Rakesh Haridas

In the middle:Film Festival guests from India
cinematographer Rakesh Haridas
and director Nishtha Jain.
Left lecturer Sohvi Sirkesalo, right writer of the blog text,
Bo Kyung Kim. Photo: Liza Kinner.

In the early morning on Friday at ADA, a bunch of students gathered together with great anticipation, waiting for the special guests from India. Indian director Nishtha Jain and Cinematographer Rakesh Haridas made the documentary film, Gulabi Gang (2012) which is about women clad in pink saris who rely on the strength in numbers and bamboo sticks to confront violence towards women. This film is officially invited by Tampere Film Festival and publicly shown in Doc:Asia programme during the festival.

Before meeting the special guests, the film Gulabi Gang (2012) was screened at ADA. The film was shot in the Bundelkhand region of India which consist of small villages surrounded by beautiful nature. Behind the peaceful appearance, the women in that region are subjected to oppression and abuse. Some of the scenes from the film were very shocking, making hard to believe that those things are really happening somewhere in the world. At the same time, it was very touching to see those women struggling to make the world better place and do something that government or politicians would never do that.

After screening, students had a discussion time with director and cinematographer. Students freely asked questions about the whole filmmaking process and what kind of difficulties they had through during making the film. The special guests answered every question with sincerity and in detail, sharing their thoughts and experiences with students. Also they had short discussion about Gulabi gang’s impact on society and women’s right in India. The director Nishtha Jain mentioned that she felt amazing about what Gulabi gang has been doing and Gulabi gang itself can be symbolic icon about women’s right and individual’s struggle to make better world. Students hoped that this film would be shown in more movie theater and also TV channel all over the world!

Text: Bo Kyung Kim, photo: Liza Kinner.