Angela Washko at our video art course!

By Samantha Conlon
as part of our video art course, our teacher, Sari, invited artist/curator Angela Washko to come visit TAMK to give a lecture and also to meet us individually and talk about our work. i was quiet nervous at the mention of it, the words 'New York' and 'curator' automatically made me feel on egde, then i googled Angela's work and felt even more anxious about our talk! turns out there was no need because within minutes of meeting Angela i felt really relaxed and comfortable, she had a really nice presence.

Angela Washko 

i showed Angela my tumblr and we discussed various past and present projects i had been working on, she gave me a lot of really good advice on how to approach a new project and where to publish it to get some attention to it. my work at present works sort of in the online sphere, i had worked with chatroulette in the past and i just find that 'internet art' really appeals to me, this is why i was really excited to meet Angela as her work is a culmination of all things i am interested in; technology, the internet, 21st century, feminism. i especially liked her new work 'Chastity' which she is working on at her residency in The Cable Factory in Helsinki (so i believe) and which i got to talk to her about a little.
Angela Washko's 'My Sanctuary' in Vaasa

a strange thing happened when i showed her my blog, i included in my sidebar some links to projects i have been involved with and when she saw a link to 'Illuminati Girl Gang' she asked me to go the site, when i did she said she knew about it and in fact her best friend had been in the same issue as that i was published in and her best friend happened to be one of my favourite artists Ann Hirsch - such a strange situation that we even get to meet seeing as she's from the US and I from Ireland, even stranger then that we had people/ situations in common - it's a small world!

Angela has performed her 'My Sanctuary' piece in both Vaasa and Tampere earlier this month. She will have one more performance in Finland taking place in Kiasma March 21 5-7 pm
Angela Washko (web site)
The event in Kiasma March 21 5-7 pm

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