Life without art is meaningless - Releasing of HIMONA website

by Riikka Gröndahl
Right now the fourth year Fine Art students have the final juicy squeeze on their hands. The last hammering, exporting, brush stroking and colour managing are being done and the ideas students have been working on for six months will get their concrete shape. 

Graduating fine art students having coffee and a meeting

Graduating artists are proud to release their Himona website for audience. Now it's possible to see some sneak peeks of the pieces from 23 fine art students and to be updated on the latest happenings concerning the exhibitions. One can also download the exhibition publication on the site. The publication's theme is work. Art is work that is done out of pure passion. Passion is a compulsive desire that has made the artists to give all they have and even more. In order to make art one needs to work passionately and like crazy.
Himona condoms ready for distribution

Himona exhibition spreads the joyful word of art also with condoms. In collaboration with HIV Foundation graduating artist J. A. Juvani has designed a condom package. Soon the condoms will be in distribution around the city of Tampere. The artists think that best result in everything is a mix of passion and responsibility. The work of an artist is a union of wild, limitless creativity and conscious sense of responsibility.

Passionate welcome to
Himona on Facebook
The graduation show Himona will be shown in two separate exhibitions:

TR1 Kunsthalle April 6 - 28, 2013
Väinö Linnan aukio 13, Finlayson
Himona sticker, pink
Open Tue-Fri 9AM to 5PM, Sat-Sun 11AM to 6PM
Tickets 5/1€, on Fridays free admission

Art Centre Mältinranta April 20 - May 7
Kuninkaankatu 2
Open Mon-Thu 12AM to 6PM, Fri-Sun 12AM to 4PM
Free Admission