Mobile Route Service: Iida, the Children’s Church Route

Story: Mia Hämäläinen
Iida, the children’s church route is mobile route service which helps you to explore with children’s eyes Tampere in the 20th century.  The route starts at Väinö Linna Square and guides you through about ten targets to the end of the route at Amuri Museum of Worker's Housing.

The service has been directed to families and everybody who wants to get knowledge of the history of Tampere. The route is about 1,5 km long and it takes about one hour to walk. It’s not necessary to take your own mobile phone with you, because you can walk the route with a group.

The targets has been chosen according to theme of church and the life of the guide, a little girl named Iida, and her life during last century. Iida worked once at Finlayson cotton mill and studied at the school of Mamselli Hydén (Maiden Hydén.
The map is based on a relief city map of Tampere on which the buildings has been drawn. The pictures of the targets have the perspective of children. The service’s illustrations are in comic style. The church route you can walk in any order that you like to choose. The mobile route service will guide you to find the right places and it will tell you on every stop about the target’s history and present state.

The Service is born in a co-operative project with Congregations in Tampere and Citynomadi Oy. It’s free of charge and it can be downloaded on the Internet to our own GPS-mobile phone which has a touch screen.  The route has been executed technically and contents edited by Citynomadi Oy. The route’s content and exterior is executed in a student project with eleven students at Demola in spring 2009. The students studied at Tampere University of Applied Sciences and Tampere University.

Iida has been available for downloading at web page of Congregations in Tampere since 28 of October in 2009. 

Go to: and on the same page you can get the instructions of use (in Finnish).