A New Festival Sees Daylight in Tampere!

Written by: Sanna Lindroos
Media Production '07

Like all the great ideas in Finland, this was also born in sauna in the end of year 2009.  At that time some guys from Bubiklubi came up with the idea of arranging new festival in Tampere during the next summer.  Time passed and the idea changed into a plan, and now if everything goes as planned in the end of July there’s going to be a music festival at the main campus of TAMK.
This yet-nameless-festival will be just like all the other festivals – it offers good music performed by Finnish artists, food, drink and other entertainment. The biggest difference is the price – the organizers want to keep the price of the tickets as low as possible, so that the main target group – the students, wouldn’t miss this event because the lack of money. This is possible because Bubiklubi isn’t trying to make profit with this event.

But wait a minute... what is Bubiklubi?

Bubiklubi is one the clubs in TAMK and it has arranged many big studentparties and happenings during schoolyears.  So, arranging events is at least someway familiar to the boys, but arranging something this big isn’t. So they have to be a little bit nuts trying to do something like this. The boys are admitting that the biggest challenge will be finding the money to make this event even possible. However, they aren’t  terrified of this, they only have to work harder.

At this moment, the group is trying to find sponsors and technical staff. The advertising starts in the spring, before the schools end.

We will hear about this event later, it’s guaranteed.