There is always hope..

Story: Maiju Virkkunen and Saana Sillanpää
This spring Tampere UAS Art&Media presents a film called “Crumbs of hope”. The movie is about hope that can make you get through tough times in life. Many of today’s young people are experiencing the effects of recession for the first time in their life as money is tight and there are no guarantees for landing a job after graduation. However,  during these hard times tens of students and volunteers were ready to work hard for this film.

Vera Kiiskinen and Esa Latva-Äijö are starring in this heart warming drama about an entrepreneurial family and their everyday struggles in the midst of the 90’s recession in Finland. The business is going bad and the money is not enough to support the family. Even the Christmas holiday at the grandmother’s living far away is at risk. The mother of the family keeps on believing that things will work out as the father is already losing hope for a better future.

The director, Emmi-Sofia Markkanen, found the inspiration for the script last spring when she thought about her own and her family’s experiences of the 90’s recession. Thus, the film has a great deal of personal experiences from the director:
"The first inspiration for the story was a small incident that happened to my parents last recession, and I expanded the story from there on. I wanted to remind people how important it is to hold on to the small joys of every day life, even when everything seems to be falling apart".

“Crumbs of hope” will be presented at the Tampere Film Festival 11th March 2010

Toivon murusia / Crumbs of HopeFiction, 12 min
Director: Emmi-Sofia MarkkanenScript: Emmi-Sofia Markkanen, Marie NieminenPhotography: Kerttu HakkarainenSound: Tuukka NikkiläEditing: Terhi MehtolaMusic: Miro LaihoProduction: Saana Sillanpää, Maiju Virkkunen

Crumbs of hope is one of the films that will be showed at the special screening TTVO (=TAMK School of Art and Media) New Student Films at Tullikamari, Thu March 11 4pm.

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