IMPs Always Come Back - Now 2005 Edition Reunion

Ice skating on Pyhäjärvi
Students of the special one term programme for exchange students Interactive Media Programme frequently visit Tampere to go to Sauna, to meet their friends and to go to Sauna, to visit School of Art and Media and to do Sauna and to visit good old pubs and to take a Sauna bath. If the visit/reunion is in winter, swimming in the hole in the ice is of course an integral part of the menu.

 Last week-end Johannes Widmer, Guy Stratermans, Max Ratzi, Alex Yip, Toni Edo, Albert Bieder met in Tampere and were hosted by their tutor Emilia Howells.
Swimming in the hole in the ice
 The Interactive Media Programme was arranged 2000-2008. In autumn 2009 a new programme, the Degree Programme in Media was started at the School of Art and Media. It is run in English, so there is no more a need for a special programme for exchange students.
Coming from Plevna with friends
The old Interactive Media Programme students were called the IMPs. The students of the new degree programme also decided to be IMPs, because they are International/Interactive Media Programme students.