Gallery Rajatila: PEEP SHOW – Directions for a Viewer by Vera Arjoma

Vera Arjoma’s photographic installations between 6th – 28th of February 2010 in Gallery Rajatila.
(Hämeenpuisto 10, Tampere)

Opening in 5th of February at 6 pm. Welcome!

Ultimately looking is a private process. The experience it produces is can not be directly shared.  In art the spectator is nevertheless directed to see the art work’s intended meaning. The name given to it, with the texts released by it tend towards directing the process of looking to the “right” interpretation.

“Peep show – directions for the viewer” photographic installations disclose the act of looking itself. The works and the texts form a subtle labyrinth of meaning. The body builds up a space, where the role of the viewer is highlighted.

In the series “Peep show – directions for a viewer” I play with representations of glamour and sexual desirability. The guises are like stale cocktails, a mix of intoxicating entertainment, sweetness and ominous crapulence. Finally in the center rises something which is not present.

Vera Arjoma is a student of TAMK School of Art and Media Degree Programme in Fine Arts. She will graduate this spring.