Bring on the Loaf!

Story: Iida Höckert
The Loaf Production manager

TAMK University of Applied Sciences School of Art and Media filmed a 3-minute short film The
Loaf (Limppu) in December 2009. The shootings took place in Tampere in the areas of Pyynikki
and Tammela. The crew staged a commercial space located in the premises of Pyynikki swimming hall to look like a porn store. The shootings lasted for three days.

The Loaf is a humoristic story about the basic needs in life. The characters seek for success,
nutrition and sexual satisfaction in their daily lives.

The shooting crew was rather small, the production was executed in a good atmosphere and
the job was successful. The director Pauli Kopu thinks that it was pleasant to work with a crew,
who put a lot of effort to the work, but didn’t take it too seriously. He points the importance of
a relaxed attitude, when the goal is to achieve and work with something fun.

The film was shot by Outi Tienhaara and produced by Annukka Numminen.
The Loaf is a part of TAMK School of Art and Medias course. The school didn’t how ever take a
too dominant role during the production, but gave us eager and innovative students space to
work with the project. Within the given budget of course.

The Loaf gets its official premier on the 11th of March during the 2010 Tampere Film Festival,
in a showing together with the other new TAMK films.

Limppu / The Loaf
Fiction, 5 min
Director: Pauli Kopu
Script: Petri Uusitalo
Photography: Outi Tienhaara
Sound: Tuukka Nikkilä, Miro Laiho
Editing: Mikko Kuuttila
Music: Michael Law
Production: Annukka Numminen

The Loaf is one of the films that will be showed at the special screening TTVO (=TAMK School of Art and Media) New Student Films at Tullikamari, Thu March 11 4pm.

Tampere International Short Film Festival
TAMK School of Art and Media New Student Films Show