The Lucky Baker

Story: Maiju Laitinen
Mauri has a plan which he thinks would be a shortcut to easier life. Mauri has put his eyes on a rich and proud lady and he wants this lady to be all his – even for a little moment. But everything isn’t going the way Mauri planned it.

The Lucky Baker is a short film made by the media students of the Tampere University of Applied Sciences. Each year the third grade students push movies out of a system called Tuubi. Short films are part of the students studying schedule. Tuubi again is a new arrangement in the Uni. Teachers are watching closely that the movies are made well and with a good taste. It has happened before, that students have made a film, which was some what against the morality principles of the school and couldn’t be published under the schools name.

The movie scripts are written by the students themselves with a little help from some professionals of course. The writer behind the baking story is Jussi Sandhu but also the director Markus Aaltonen participated to writing. There was a lot to work on with the script ´cause it’s very challenging to fit the story in only three minutes. The script to the Lucky Baker was ready in September 2009 after which the preparations for the shooting started. There’s heaps of work before those three minutes can be filmed on tape which is a common surprise for an outside viewer. My cousin can’t believe that there has been as many working months as the film has minutes in it (because we aren’t pros – quite yet).

The Lucky Baker was filmed all around the city of Tampere for instance in the Uni Hospital TAYS and at the practise area for firemen in Vuores. We had to go the practise area ´cause the huge buns had to be burned in the oven without causing any danger. Oh yes, the burning bun you can see on the film was really half a meter size and we had five of those. I guess you all know what we ate at our closing party for the filming and I will not take a bite in the next five years that’s for sure.

The Lucky Baker has premiere officially at the Tampere Film Fest´2010 on the 11th of March. Besides The Lucky Baker there’s also other films to see from the soon become moviemakers. Let’s get the Oscars ready.

Oman onnensa leipuri / The Lucky Baker
Fiction, 2 min
Director: Markus Aaltonen
Script: Jan Sandhu
Photography: Jaakko Sorja
Sound: Jarkko Hietanen
Editing: Osku Tuominen
Music: Jarkko Hietanen
Production: Maiju Laitinen
The Luck Baker is one of the films that will be showed at the special screening TTVO (=TAMK School of Art and Media) New Student Films at Tullikamari, Thu March 11 4pm.
Tampere International Short Film Festival
TAMK School of Art and Media New Student Films Show