The imps go to the movies!

The 09 Imps have been exploring their film-making capabilities lately, during our video crash course which is part of our larger Multimedia and Animation course this semester. Lead by tutor Mikko Uimonen, the imps are learning some basics in video, sound and lighting equipment handling and techniques for the purpose of filming a scene. We have been divided into four groups and each of them will make a single movie scene using what is being taught to us.

During our first meeting, the agenda was making a synopsis and script for our "movie". The plot had to be fairly simple and easy to film within the school premises. We took a look at a couple of scenes displaying some nice camera work and also talked about some basic concepts of visual narration. After a little chat with our tutor and his approval of our works, we set off to get familiar with the filming equipment during our second session. We set up our videocameras and monitors and learned about the functions and capabilities of our equipment as well as how to efficiently use them depending on what we want to portray and how. Rough versions of our films were shot and fiddled with a bit by Mikko and the next step was to learn about lighting and how it affects a scene both in its practical and artistic nature.

The next agenda is sound and after some more shooting and editing, we're set. The final versions will be viewed by all groups together after they have been finalized.