Training the new IMP tutors

Story: Eevi Korhonen, '09 IMP
Autumn is still far away, but tutors, the older students who are responsible for guiding the new students through their first year, are already busy at preparing the way for new students. The tutor selection was done earlier this year, and the three brave people entrusted with tutoring the second ever class of IMPs are Eevi Korhonen, Anna Tikkanen, Nelli Norman. Nelli is already a veteran tutor, thanks to her previous studies at TAMK, but Eevi and Anna still have to face the tutor training gauntlet ahead of them. Because nobody is born a tutor - they must be trained.


The tutor training kicked off on Tuesday with a two-hour evening training session. We assembled together with all the other new tutors (there's 138 of us altogether) in one of the lecture halls in Teiskontie campus, where we received information and advice from former tutors and TAMKO (students' union) board members. We also had a little group exercise where we pondered what is tutoring, what makes a good tutor and what sort of activities would we arrange for the new students. I'm glad to say that we did get a couple of new ideas for our autumn programme.

During this spring there will be another evening training session and one over-night trip, which has been promised to be the best part of the training. We'll be ready just in time for our first job as tutors in April. We get the first glimpse of the new students as we will be helping and guiding around the lucky Media applicants who have been invited to the entrance exams.

IMPs are students of our International Media Programme, the Degree Programme in Media