Art students join Damien Hirst in an exhibition

 Producer Kathleen Blumel, exhibition manager Ulla Jaskari, professor Brigit Richard, Head of the Degree Programme of Fine Art Juha Suonpää, curator Pekka Niskanen and artistic director Inke Arns inspect the exhibition plan
Text: Juha Suonpää

Artist, teacher and curator Pekka Niskanen and the Head of the Degree Programme of Fine Art Juha Suonpää visited Dortmund to negotiate about the InterCool 3.0 exhibition. The exhibition will open in September 2010 and will contain environmental, media and social works of art from world-famous artists as well as from TAMK’s fine art students.

The internationally famous names include, alongside Hirst, Isaac Julien, Nan Goldin, Andreas Gursky and Banksy. InterCool 3.0 is a collaboration project of images and media spaces, where TAMK’s international partners are the Frankfurt University and Hartware MedienKunstVerein. The exhibition will tour Dortmund, Vienna and Leeds, and will arrive to Finland, to Finnish Labour Museum Werstas, in 2011.

The exhibition will be executed in the U-culture centre which will be renovated in the centre of Dortmund

In conjunction with planning the Inter-Cool 3.0 exhibition, an Erasmus collaboration agreement was signed between TAMK and Frankfurt University. This enables international mobility for both students and staff.

Inter-Cool 3.0 is a part of RUHR.2010 European Capital of Culture.
Inter-Cool 3.0
Damien Hirst (Wikipedia)