Innovator Update

Story: Pauli Kopu
Innovator format development is alive and kicking well. We’ve been busy with funding and co-operation arrangements, but no worries I have a good feeling that during the February we can come out of the closet with the most recent development.

Here is the Innovator tv-show in a nutshell:

  • A television reality show format development
  • Factual entertainment / Family / Interactive content / Multiplatform
  • A new TV show designed to make your life better one problem at a time.
  • We can prove that Innovations are inspiring, down to earth and make a great entertainment.
  • What happens if you put together a group of specialists – marketing manager, designer, engineering student, senior citizen and a house wife – and let them plan the ultimate retail store? Can they solve all the problems of shopping?
  • Or what if another type of a group gets to design a revolutionary public transportation system for the future?
  • The Innovator show, not only brigs out the common difficulties of our lives, but also creates fresh ideas and solutions on how to improve things – and execute them!
  • How about a TV show that encourages people to improve their every day life and inspires to think about innovations as keys to our problems?
  • We want to show in practice that great ideas inspire everyone and have a positive influence in our lives. As a team anyone can make a difference.
But before you get all too exited about the tv-show, I must warn you. The tv is just a tv, we are about to do something bigger. We aim to think something new and tv is just too old school… so be prepared for something co-creational on the web.

Innovator has started as a joint project with Demola, PAKO Studio, Pakastin and Prame and currently it’s been developed as the first multiplatform content project of KLOK Creative Agency.

The writer, Pauli Kopu, studies producing and media productization at TAMK Finnish media programme. He is the vice president of Tarina the student organisation of Art and media. Besides he’s studies Pauli is working for KLOK Creative Agency and makes fun about innovations for living.

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