PRETTY IN POP 24.2.2010

Free entry!

That’s right. Pretty in Pop is the best get-together place in Tampere at the moment! People are falling in love! In Pretty in Pop you can hear music from different sources, some of it you may already know, or not.

Whatever: You know it or not, everything you hear in the night of Pretty in Pop will be beautiful! Though, you will hear some graceless songs as well, but hey, there must be a contrast in everything. Smashing songs founded from tv-series, movies, c-cassettes, from internet, CD’s from regular record shops and vinyl. Old, new and everything between. Main thing is that is good. Song wishes are accepted. Doors are open at 23:00. Ferris, let’s keep a day off! BO!


Pretty in Pop @ DORIS restaurant

Aleksanterinkatu 20
33100 Tampere

::::TOP POP::::

Prince: P Control - Duran Duran: Notorius - The Informations: Strange Habits - Phoenix: Lisztomania - R.Kelly: Real Talk - Eddie Murphy - Finland men's national ice hockey team! - Timo Jutila - Oh No Ono: Eggs - Whitney Houston - Nirvana: In Bloom - Korput ja lerput

We are Dj Farttu and Dj mikkomikko and we are studying sound design in the School of Art and Media