Fancy Photojournalism? Come to TTVO!

Learning the camera techniques
Story and photos: Johanna Peltola

The editorial photographer Sanna Heikintalo from Switzerland has arrived in Tampere for TTVO's (School of Art&Media) journalism course to carry out a photojournalism workshop (1.-16.2) for the students.
The students are to learn the basics of photojournalism and the most essential camera techniques when shooting photos for a magazine or a newspaper. Sanna is also going to give the students advice for creating an ideal editorial photograph. The assignments include creating a series of pictures that consists of a journalistic portrait, a motion photo and an illustration which together build up a story. All the photos are analyzed as a whole at the end of the course. 

Photo journalism doesn’t always have to be that serious

Sanna’s aim is that after participating her workshop the students could use their camera more creatively and understood the basics of producing the photo journalistic content.

We asked Sanna to reveal us the secret of a perfect editorial photograph:
“A successful editorial photograph makes an impact to the viewer; it should be simple and profound, actual and timeless as well as conventional and surprising”, Sanna describes.

Students can take the journalism course (10 cr) as a part of free-choice studies.
The course concentrates on the basics of journalism as well as photo- and cultural
journalism. In cultural journalism students are to write articles in TTVO's TAF-magazine.
More on Sanna Heikintalo’s work:

The author is a Degree Programme in Media student