We study and rock with EAL, Odense and UVic, Barcelona

Cooperation between EAL (Lillebelt Academy of Professional Higher Education) Multimedia Design in Odense (DK) has been quite intense between staff for many years but during the last year also the students have started working together and exchanging ideas on social media.

Here's some highlights of our cooperation:
Today lecturer Pernille Christiansen and students/Inno-Event staff members Louise Dohn and Melissa Vardy visited our campus. They are here to present their magnificent InnoEvent concept at the Internatiuonal Week of TAMK School of Business and Services.

Louise Dohn, Pernille Christiansen, Melissa Vardy admiring the
project posters made by IMP-students

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One of the 12 Young Digital Planet teams: Rosanna Salminen (TAMK)
Kasper Arentsen (EAL) Miquel Balaguer Pi (Vic) and Sárosi Szabolcs
 (TAMK) at EYA Student Panel

Last Saturday at European Youth Award in Graz our Media students (the IMPs) and Odense Multimedia students made together with University of Vic (Barcelona) students a great presentation on the Young Digital Planet Student Panel of the festival. This brilliant show was prepared over two week in 12 international teams using Google Docs, Hangouts and Groups and Facebook groups.
The EAL student delegation featured McHorse, networked heavily with
our and VIC students

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Principal Lecturer,  TAMK Development Manager of Regional Higher Education Maj-Lis Läykki and Media Programme Lecturer Kirsi Karimäki visited a couple of weeks ago  Lillebaelt Academy of Professional Higher Education in Odense. Their visit was related to the Quadruple Model of Welfare project. The objective of the project is to create new kinds of learning and innovation environments.  This week Maj-Lis and Kirsi from Tamk and Pernille Christiansen,  Louise Dohn and Melissa Vardy from Odense are all presenters in 1st international week of TAMK School of Business and services.

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Presentation of EAL InnoEvent tomorrow at International Week
Presentation by Maj-Lis Läykki and Kirsi Karimäki tomorrow at the same event
Adam Montandon brought the rainbow to Tampere

EAL professor Adam Montandon visited our school and made a great presentation at the MindTrek Conference in October.
Pernille Christiansen and James Norwood introduced the Innoevent
concept to us first time one year ago in Graz Youth Award Festival

The cooperation between the IMPs and Odense Multimedia Design students actually started at the Youth Award Festival in Graz one year ago in the Innoevent workshops organised by EAL.

Several new forms of cooperation and exchanges are under construction!

Long term cooperation with University of Vic
The cooperation with the university of Vic will be described in detail in another story later. In short:

  • We have had student and staff exchange for years.
  • Our students have been to the dobleCLick event in Vic
  • In April the Vic students will come to Tampere for two week for the Erasmus Intensive Programme Workshop Media Culture 2020. Students from Liepaja University MP-lab, University of Lincoln and Utrecht School of Art and Design will join the workshop.

Media students Sabrina Seidl and Alexandra Ostasheva  at dobleCLICK 2012

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First dobleCLICK poster