Tampere - the Smart Focal Point of Northern Europe

30 new media student seats available at Tampere UAS

Where is Tampere? At the edge of the tundra? Why should one bother to move to Tampere to study or to do business?

Top experts from all over the world come to share their insight and
wisdom with our students. Pictured Adam Montandon at MindTrek
in October this year

Tampere is actually the central spot of Northern Europe. If you draw a circle with a radius of 1000 km including the Baltic sea, Scandinavia, Finland, and northern Russia, your circle will hit the Russian capital Moscow, the Polish capital Warsaw, Rostock in Germany and Hammerfest in northern Norway. And there it is, the centre of this circle, Tampere in Finland.

This 1000 km circle includes more capitals like Copenhagen (distance from Tampere 913 km), Oslo (726 km), Stockholm (394 km), Helsinki (160 km), Tallin (235 km), Riga (505 km), Vilnius (762 km) and Minsk (873 km). St. Petersburg (396 km) is really close.

Tampere is indeed accessible: Direct international flights from and to Alicante, Bremen, Budapest, Copenhagen, Edinburgh, Frankfurth, Kaunas, London, Malaga, Milan, Riga, Rome, Stockholm and Trapani, train from St. Petersburg and Helsinki, ferry + train from Tallin, Stockholm, Gdynia, Travem√ľnde and Rostock.

Tampere is an attractive and international centre for students - there are 200 000 inhabitants and 40 000 students of higher education in three universities. The cultural life is rich, and the city is surrounded by beautiful lakes and forests.

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Study Media and Music Production at Tampere University of Applied Sciences!
TAMK International Media Programme at Finlayson and will next year include also Music Production studies. The new Music Production students will start their studies in the Media Programme run in English at TAMK Finlayson Campus in Tampere. (Previous Music Production studies are run in Finnish at TAMK Virrat Campus.)

There will be 30 seats available for new students instead of the 20 until now. After the merger and the new curriculum the areas of study of IMP will be: Event Production, Game Design, Motion Graphics, Music Production, Music Business, Sound Design, Visual Design, Web Design.

Application Period Jamuary 7 to February 12
Here please find the time table and the resources to do the application:
  • TAMK application web pages are complete, see www.tamk.fi/jointapplication
  • The national joint application web site will open at https://www.admissions.fi/
  • December: Our new curriculum featuring Music Production will be launched
  • December 1st: The pre-task to be submitted with the application will be published
  • January 7th application period kick off
  • February 12th application closed
  • Early March: invitations to Entrance Exam sent
  • April 9 and 10 Entrance Exam
  • The final results of the student selection will be sent to the applicants by post on May 28th at the earliest.
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