Application pre-task 2013 for Media now online!

Available seats are now 30 (+10) and Music Production  is a new option!

  • In 2009 they planned a global tenth anniversary celebration of mankind’s presence in Mars.
  • In 2010 they created a concept for a digital sports game.
  • In 2011 they designed a campaign to fight overweight and obesity.
  • In 2012 they arranged a global 24 hour party before the disastrous asteroid hit Earth.
  • In 2013 they will be the first to report from the newly found Atlantis!

They are applicants of IMP, our international media programme.

This year there will be more free seats and more options, the Music Production education in Virrat will merge with Media Programme in Tampere.
There will be 30 seats available for new students instead of the 20 until now. After the merger and the new curriculum the areas of study of IMP will be: Event Production, Game Design, Motion Graphics, Music Production, Music Business, Sound Design, Visual Design, Web Design.

FIND the pretask here

Application Period Jamuary 7 to February 12
Here please find the time table and the resources to do the application:
  • TAMK application web pages are complete, see
  • November 30: The pre-task to be submitted with the application published
  • December: The national joint application web site will open at
  • December: Our new curriculum featuring Music Production will be launched
  • January 7th application period kick off
  • February 12th application closed
  • Early March: invitations to Entrance Exam sent
  • April 9 and 10 Entrance Exam
  • The final results of the student selection will be sent to the applicants by post on May 28th at the earliest.

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