The Medal Day

16. November is the official Medal Day! During this special day you’re able to thank and show respect to every day heroes or fellow citizens who make your days a little bit easier: a friendly buss driver, smiley cashier or market halls vendor who always greets every one.

The Medal Day was organized by volunteers. All the materials were
also donaitons

The artist behind The Medal Day is Meiju Niskala and the first Medal Day was organized one year ago and this year The Medal Day is national.
In Tampere the Medal Spot was held in Keskustori.

Medal givers were asked to write the stories about the person who they gave the medals in facebook:
Many people spent a while to pick up the best medal for the
everyday hero

Mirka Kinnula responded Tampere Medal Spot. She has graduated from Fine art department in Tampere University of Applied Sciences 2012. At the moment she’s working as an assistant to the artist Meiju Niskala.
Anna Autio, Hinni Huttunen, Jemina Lindholm and Elina Ylhäisi were the current students from the third grade who were there also to volunteer.

Text and photos: Hinni Huttunen and Elina Ylhäisi