Alex Lembke is back - now with sauna exhibition

Alexander Markus Lembke
The German who invented the Sauna
Photographs and videos
November 1 - 25
Gallery Emil
Keskustori 4, Tampere
Open Mon and Fri 10-16,
Tue to Thu 10 - 18,
Sat, Sun 11-17

Yesterday we celebrated the opening of Aleksander Markus Lembke’s photography/ vocal art exhibition about Finnish sauna culture. Alexander has given several photography workshops to our students. They have got very good feedback. The courses have been special as the professor always has invited the students to join him for an sauna experience after the classes.

The vernissage of the exhibition continued - of course - at one of the exhibition partners, Rajaportin sauna. Other exhibition partners are City of Tampere Cultural Affairs, German Culture Center of Tampere and the Goethe-Institut Finnland.

The head of our Fine Arts Programme Juha Suonpää (L) and Senior Lecturer
in Sound Design Petteri Rajanti (C) has helped Alexander (R) in many ways
finding materials and inspiration for the exhibition and the Sauna book by
Also the Vice President of the Bauhaus Sauna Society in Weimar (Alex is
the President) Felix Sattler addressed the opening event over Skype in front
of the warm Bauhaus sauna. Felix gave a workshop at our International
Week in May.
Alexander Lembke operating the Skype session at the vernissage
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