The first IMP thesis reviewed online in Berlin and Tampere!

Our big hand to Eevi Korhonen! Bachelor's thesis on usability in Facebook games.

Eevi Korhonen

The International Media Programme started in 2009 and the first students of this 4 year BA programme are supposed to graduate in June 2013. But Eevi is fast and efficient - she has now done her Final Thesis and after the final touch on one course she has got the required 240 credit points to graduate.
Wilhelm Österberg giving his feedback, Emma Kiiski making notes

Eevi did her internship at Wooga (World's third largest developer of games for Facebook platform) in Berlin, got then permanent employment and did her final thesis to the company. The thesis work deals with researching usability of games and will be online for you after some weeks. (Yes, you can find the link on this post later.)
Douglas Symon memorialised the event with his iPad
in Tampere

The review of the Final Thesis happened in two locations simultaniously: Eevi Korhonen, the reviewer Wilhelm Österberg (Wooga), IMP student Emma Kiiski (intern at Wooga) and head of IMP Cai Melakoski (in Berlin for Online Educa Berlin) sat at the Wooga office and Ari Närhi (the tutor of the thesis work) and IMP students and lecturers took part at our campus at Finlayson.

Nobody needed to enter the panic room on right hand

Eevis presentation of the work was as brilliant as her thesis, and Wilhelm Österberg's feedback was competent and insightful. A fantastic start to a series of bachelor's thesis review sessions it was!
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