European Youth Award Festival opens in Graz with 20 IMPs

The European Youth Award (EYA) engages young people in what the EU Digital Agenda wants to achieve til 2020: making digital technologies relevant to all citizens.
November 22-24 European Youth Award Festival in Graz - UNESCO City of Design 

The IMPs have also prepared a Christmas Tree to
show at the famous Graz Christmas Market

Our 20 second year Media students (11IMPs) are busy preparing for the field trip to Graz next week. The event has actually begun last week online; together with students from EAL University, Odense, Denmark and from University of Vic, Spain they work in 12 teams on Google Docs and Groups and Facebook.
They prepare assessments of the 12 best projects of European Youth Award. The teams will present their conclusions at the festival.

The field trip is a part of the Media Programme course Networked Media Culture.

You can find more information about the festival here:
On Twitter: #EYAgraz
EYA is part of the World Summit Youth Awards:
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