Everyday a movie in TTVO!
In this week we're going to show one movie
in every night. Showdowns are in second floor`s theatre 17.00 o'clock every day monday till friday. Monday`s theme was humor and that we'll get of Clerks. In tuesday there was a classic from Alfred Hitchcock; Psycho (1960).

Wednesday will be enjoyable experience with
Juho Aittanen and B-movie; The Super Inframan. Thursday is full of hope and you're going to see a finnish document KOVASIKAJUTTU which tells about punk/rock band.

Friday is your day! You can vote in our
Facebook (TTVO-FILKKA) about 7 options your favorite! Candidates are The Godfather, Spirited away, Memento, Delicatessen, C.R.A.Z.Y, Alien and Holy Grail.

Obs! We`re having english subtitles or sounds in every movie.

TEXT: Aino Mättö