Pureview project feedback

By Tuomo Joronen
One of the Mindtrek related project this autumn featured using the Nokia 808 pureview phones. Majority of the official photos of the event were shot with the device. The photographers were: Josef Pacal, Douglas Symon, Joel Forsman. Also a video of the event was shot with 808 by Tamk students Petra Kotamäki and Sanni Hujala. Click here to see the flickr photo stream : http://www.flickr.com/photos/mindtrek/sets/72157631683845612/

The project feedback session was held on Monday in Hervanta at Nokia premises. The students gave their feedback on the phone, user experience and the project itself. Nokia was kind enough to provide school with some brand new 808’s!

Cai Melakoski, Tuomo Joronen, Seija Suoniemi (Nokia), Josef
Pacal, Joel Forsman, Jarmo Rintamäki (Nokia)