Student panel: our students are sooo brilliant

European Youth Award Festival, Graz, November 22-25, part of Degree Programme in Media Networked Media Culture Course.

This is the report from the student panel, day three afternoon. Now I have lost control of the chronological order of blog reports from EYA, but this was absolutely fantastic.

We had students from TAMK Media, Lillebelt Academy Odense and University of Vic preparing feedback to all winner teams online over two weeks before the festival. They cooperated on Google Docs, Google Hangout and Facebook to give answers to four questions:

  • What are the three main qualities making this project stand out? 
  • Which improvements/enhancements do you recommend the team should focus on preparing the next edition of the project?
  • What did you learn studying this project (topic, design, technical aspect, etc)?
  • What is the role of this project in achieving the Millennium Development Goals?

The teams then finally met at EYA and presented their analyses and answers afternoon today.

The event was absolutely fabulous! The teams did brilliant work and the winners got an extra reward: deep and useful peer feedback. The atmosphere throughout the session was intense and joyful.

Thank you student teams, thank you moderator professors, thank you winners, thank you session moderators, thank you ICNM team!
The moderators - Antti Salomaa and Kirsten Karsch
Team 1
Team two
Team three
Team six
Team seven
Team nine
Team four
Team five
Team eleven
Team ten
Yeah yeah
Team eight
Yeah yeah yeah
Campus 02 team
Last instructions by the organisers Melanie Vollert and Lucie Jagu

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