Jenni Kuoppala: The Hummingbird Breeder at Ikuinen Gallery

Jenni Kuoppala
The Humminbird breeder
November 13-30 2012
Mon-Fri 12-16
Ikuinen Galleria, Finlaysoninkuja 3

I invite you to check out my painting exhibition at the Ikuinen Gallery. The name of the show describes my effort to make a perfect portrait that represents this unusual profession. Hummingbird breeder, the happiest man in the world, is the opposite of over-activity and ADHD.

I want to understand and absorb his teachings in order to help me in my need of clarity and calmness. I do not know yet if I am able to bring the hummingbird breeder to the Ikuinen Gallery, but at least I promise to present something girly and naive.

Warmly welcome to my exhibition!

Jenni Kuoppala
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Ikuinen Gallery 
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