EYA festival day two - the workshops

European Youth Award Festival, Graz, November 22-25, part of Degree Programme in Media Networked Media Culture Course.
This is the day two (Friday) first report based on student tweets. Photos by the students, find more shared by the IMP-students following the Twitter pic links.

  • Good morning to all #EYAgraz participants! Ready for day 2? ;) #TAMKmedia students sure are!
  • Half way there. #eyagraz great so far! Lots to learn and explore. #GrazCity tour was amazingly good!
  • @emvaselova from @TAMKmedia enjoying the walk through Graz. Direction @EYAgraz workshops! pic.twitter.com/1rWWPF5
  • Do you kill your baby to save the village? #EYAgraz
  • Feeling older than everyone else at #EYAgraz... #students #creativityworkshops
  • Bad day to wear a skirt @ #EYAgraz... Turning creativity on it's head. http://yfrog.com/obnd7dqtj
  • We built this castle with our own bare thumbs!! #EYAgraz http://yfrog.com/oc2psrej
  • Adam made us build castles and turn upside down #EYAgraz #TAMKmedia
  • First workshop with Adam Montandon: Boosting your creative thinking... Upside-down? #EYAgraz #TAMKmedia  pic.twitter.com/UKfpnBdB
  • Workshop 1, part 2: Building a castle of your childhood dreams! #EYAgraz# TAMKmedia pic.twitter.com/qkltxqz5
  • We build the great castle on the "creativity fir a Cause" at #EYAgraz pic.twitter.com/9sgLF4W
  • Creative ideas written upside down at Adam Montandon workshop.#EYAgraz pic.twitter.com/fcKRjmM

  • 2nd Workshop by Stephan Hamberger: Creating Marketplace Entries. Missing his buddy @mathias_haas :) #EYAgraz #TAMKmedia    pic.twitter.com/vIndrX0k
  • Students relaxing before an important workshop session pic.twitter.com/7XxqJ7qF
  • Austrian fashion      pic.twitter.com/pl8fJJfM
  • Creative come methods of brainstorming come from open, and extraordinary situations and atmosphere #TAMKmedia #EYAgraz
  • Was your @FindiaProject presentation a great success, @mathias_haas? I had my thumbs up! ;) #EYAgraz
  • Wild ideas come when you go wild      pic.twitter.com/mmZT03yn
  • How to lead an impacydul project? #EYAgraz #TAMKmedia
  • Step 1 #EYAgraz #TAMKmedia pic.twitter.com/mdszclfb
  • Starting the workshop pic.twitter.com/s5LXtPBp
  • Here they are pic.twitter.com/U1fEZ4eS
  • Know what you are doing and how to tell about your mission #TAMKmedia #EYAgraz pic.twitter.com/r7BOsYyX
  • Know your mission in your bussines at #EYAgraz workshop pic.twitter.com/FAI7uJy
  • Step2: there are generally at least two things . The harder to measure the more important it is. pic.twitter.com/hSakZRuP
  • Step 3: what happened because of you - what would have happened anyway= your impact #EYAgraz #TAMKmedia
  • Small talks about our project on which we work on. Very interesting talk with Peter from Denmark on #EYAgraz workshop.
  • Greetings from Impact and social business- what really works workshop at #EYAgraz pic.twitter.com/eQjxpzd

The session with the EYA winners to come soon!

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