TAF International Week seminars, day 4

On Thursday Tampere Art Factory International Week featured two seminars:

Awesome Art&Media 2 hosted by Sohvi Sirkesalo
Max Neupert, Bauhaus-University Weimar:
Applying Musical Strategies to Video

Yu-Wei Lin, University of Salford:
BSc in Computer & Video games and MA in Social Media in Salford
Elizabeth Beidler, Glasgow Caledonian University:
Studying in Graphic Design in Glasgow
Albert van de Kooij, Academy of Pop Culture:
Art & Journalism=Activism and Island CQ 2011 and 2012
Mieke Laansma, Stenden University:
Media related education programs in Stenden University

Working with Customers
hosted by Leena Mäkelä

Introduction, Leena Mäkelä, TAMK
Priskilla Ruotsalainen, TAMK student:
Educational film about Tuberculosis

Sheila Robinson, Gatlin International: Working with customers
Yu-Wei Lin, University of Salford: Collaboration projects
Tjepke Zijlstra, Utrecht School of the Arts:
Applied Narrative Design research
Cyrille Bloemers, Utrecht School of the Arts:
Applied Narrative Design research
Aurimas Gaižauskas, Vilnius College of Technologies and Design:
 Shaping Identity
Aigars Ceplitis, RISEBA, (Audiovisual Media Arts Department of Riga
International School of Economics and Business Administration, LT):
About RISEBA film studies

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