Photo Art course exhibition open

Story: Antti Haapio
One more Tampere Art Factory exhibition is open: The photo art exhibition in the painting studios, Finlayson campus third floor. The art Works are from courses Fine Art Photography I and II in spring semester 2012. So very fresh stuff!

J.A. Juvani: Poison tongue

In these photo art courses students made an exercise called visual study. For first middle critique they brought some picture examples and a short statement with the question / problem / message they are interested in. After open discussion in a few middle critiques with all students and two teachers students continued developing their outlines.

Students exhibiting:
Ikuko Ishida, Juha Janttonen, J.A. Juvani, Ilona Lehtonen, Inga Lukankovaite, Veera Luoto, Laura Mykkänen, Elisabeth Mörz, Niko Nurmi, Verna Tervaharju, Elsa Trzaska, Jone Vildziunaite, Lina Vysniauskaite, Inga Weber, Elina Ylhäisi.

Teachers of the courses: Juha Suonpää and Antti Haapio

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