Fine Art graduates' exhibition ERO part two opened TAF

Yes, we are nervous - but only until the speeches are over!
The second half of the ERO graduation show of our Fine Art students had a cheerful, welcoming and international vernissage at TR1 Kunsthalle on Friday, the opening day of Tampere Art Factory (TAF). The first half opened on May 4 at Art Centre Mältinranta. (Read the story)Mediums divide the graduating artists into two rough categories depending on whether they use their hands or machines to create their works. This difference is brought under your eyes by dividing the artworks themselves into two exhibitions according to technique. TR1 Kunshalle shows this year only photography, moving image and media art. Artworks in the fields of painting, drawing and sculpture are on exhibit in Art Center Mältinranta.

The exhibition of graduating Fine Art students of Tampere UAS TAMK 2012

Art Centre Mältinranta May 5 - 22, 2012
Kuninkaankatu 2 
Open Mon-Thu 12AM to 6PM, Fri-Sun 12AM to 4PM
Free Admission
TR1 Kunsthalle May 12 - June 3, 2012
Väinö Linnan aukio 13, Finlayson
Open Tue-Fri 9AM to 5PM, SAT-SUN 11AM to 6PM
Tickets 5/1€, on Fridays free admission
Mmmm... which ones to choose?
TR1 Exhibition Manager Virpi Nikkari speaking - she seems to
appreciate - actually love our work!
Great that our programme leader Juha Suonpää gives his speech in English
- there seems to be a lot of international guests here. Minna Suoniemi (on left)
seems to be exited waiting for her turn. Anna Knappe (on right) seems really
calm waiting for her turn.
Now Minna, who so brilliantly supervised us trough the thesis and graduation
show installation process gives her speak. She sounds so convincing telling
how proud she is to have worked with us! Wow! 
Now time for Anna to give the speech on behalf of the graduates - but
surprise surprise! No talk, we all sing together! We are awesome, really!
OK, the roses and the hugs from lecturers and then - we have done it!
The audience can admire our works standing
(Merry-go-round by Lotta Kallio)
The audience can focus on our works sitting with the headphones on
(Three roads to escape by Anna Knappe)
The audience can have a relaxed view on our works lying on the beanbags
(The Factory Dance by Essi Laurila) 
The audience can share their views on our works. Sitting on the bench left
professor Walter Bergmoser and in the centre Ulrich Haas-Pursiainen
(In the background Soma by Mikael Kinanen)
The audience is allowed to give us feedback. Here professor Felix Sattler
giving his assessment to Tuomas Koskialho about his series of photographs
"After 100 years in Portugal
The audience is allowed to enjoy
(Max Neupert and Felix Sattler, Bauhaus University Weimar, Germany and
Aurimas Gaižauskas, Vilnius College of Technologies and Design)

The following artist exhibit at TR1 Kunsthalle:
Katti Hellman
Lotta Kallio
Mikael Kinanen
Anna Knappe
Viliina Koivisto
Tuomas Koskialho
Essi Laurila
Anne Lehtelä
Teemu Riihelä
Laura Rytkönen
Irene Stachon

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