The FMX2012 in Stuttgart, day 3

This morning at 10:00, our intrepid 2nd-year students Alexandra Ostasheva and Sabrina Seidl held their presentation of the International Media Programme at the FMX2012 event in Stuttgart, Germany.

The TAMK booth has received only positive reactions from people here (except our booth neighbors, who expressed a bit of envy that we had so much cool stuff on our desk, such as the screen cleaners, the big stylish flags and salmiakki candies).

Yesterday evening there was the big opening party, which we successfully missed by going to the wrong club. Another mishap: the laptop we had with us got tired of the heat and just died quietly without fuss. All revival attempts were hopeless.
Other than that, all has gone really well here. The weather is even hotter today than on the days before; it's warm like in the middle of July in Finland.

The lectures and presentations have been awesome, that I have to admit. Some buzzwords we have heard over these three days: storyworlds,  real-time virtual production, film & game convergence, stereoscopic visual effects and spreadable media.

But I better finish this blogpost now that the web connections are still up.
Sasha & Sabrina will soon post some images, too!

-Carita Forsgren-