KevätGraph 2012 was epic!

Story and photos: Erika Sangah Kim
So, KevätGraph was held at Aalto Venture Garage on Friday, May 4. This event happens every six months to take a look at what's new and hot in the Finnish computer graphics and interaction scene. It was my first participation in KevätGraph.

We all gathered in front of the school and went there by bus. It was really nice to have a field trip with friends and teachers and participate in this amazing event, KevätGraph.
Sasha and Sabrina on the screen

It was a really good chance for me to to learn and think about the this industry and I’m sure it’s the same for everyone. There were the presentations which held in English, and I must say, it was very interesting to check what’s happening in Finnish computer graphics industry. We even had an opportunity to experience those latest amusing Tech Demos. But the most interesting part of KevätGraph 2012 was the presentation by 2nd year media students of TAMK, Sabrina Seidl and Sasha Ostasheva. It was truely impressive. I actually learned a lot from the presentations and it was really inspirational. And during the break, there even were Beer, Pizza, Cupcakes for participants.
The break: food, fun, networking

Lastly, thanks to this awesome Media programme for letting us have an opportunity to participate in this event and network with people. It was epic.

Erika studies in our international Degree Programme in Media
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KevätGraph (SpringGraph) and SyysGraph (AutumnGraph) are arranged by the Finnish SIGGRAPH Chapter
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