Documentary photos in Kouvola, Finland - Ikuko Ishida-

Story: Ikuko Ishida
Kouvolan Sanomat, local newspaper in Kouvola, eastern city in Finland, wrote an article about my photos. I have taken photos of people and landscape in Finland, especially in Tampere since I came to Finland last August. Luckily I had an opportunity to show my photos to Kouvolan Sanomat, and they liked them. At first  they were planning of using my old photos for an article, but later I was asked to shoot Kouvola.

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It was the first time for me to be asked to shoot in my own style, differently from wedding or school event shooting. I felt pressure because my way was just walking around and shooting without any thought and purpose. And I was not familiar with Kouvola, even though I lived not so far from it.People in Kouvola seemed be cautious to be taken photos of,even outside or in public places, sometimes I was said,¨No photo.¨ I wanted to be close to and shoot them, so sometimes I visited local bars even though I was not interested in drinking. Through shooting, I could make friends with them and they talked about their private lives.I spent about 1 week and somehow I could send my photos to Kouvolan Sanomat. I sent more photos than quantity they asked, but I didn't imagine that they would use so many...... I thought they would use 5 or 6 photos at most.
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The day of my going back to Japan is approaching, however, it was a precious experience for me to shoot for the article of newspaper. When I reviewed my days in Tampere, I still have some problems about my photo work. But at least, I am happy to make something to show others as my project in Finland.
And if someone can translate this article into English, let me know!! Thank you!