Media students proved professionalism at New Factory Open

"New Factory Open is a one-day event about what’s going on in the core of innovation and startup scene – and what’s next! It takes a dive into out-of-the-box creativity and turning innovation talk into real life action."
Both Demola Academy final pitch winner teams - Trelab and Techie
Doggy Toys - in a family picture

One of the absolute highlights of New Factory Open last week was the final pitching competition with five finalist teams of the Demola Academy class of this spring. Three of the chosen five teams featured one of our Media students, which of course made us proud and happy.
Chris Contolini (Tampere University and Tuomas Lecklin (TAMK Media
Programme) did the pitch for Trelab.

Trelab is a project about business oriented data-mining, utilizing cutting edge sensor technology to measure an incredible array of inputs. Businesses can use this data mining to improve efficiency, track processes and manage resources. The team members of this project are Sunil Chaudhary, Chris Contolini, Risto Autio and Tuomas Lecklin.
Alicia Fernandez (TAMK Media Programme) and Jill Steele (Tampere
University) made the Techie Doggy Toys pitch

The goal for Techie Doggy Toys is to create interactive toys for dogs and dog owners. By using these toys, you can keep track of what your dog is doing while you are not at home – you can play with the dog and check if the dog is barking. The team members of this project are Jill Steele, Zhu Wensi, Alicia Fernandez, Aleksi Karisalo and Tuukka Uusitalo.
TAMK Media student Daria Adamitskaya, a member of the Still team
demonstrated the project

Many fantastic Demola projects were introduced at New Factory Open demonstrating a wide range of needs, ideas, skills, creativity and expertise. One very special project was the interactive installation project "Still – Interactive media installation made with Kinect" with Guidesi as partner.|||
We also had Media Programme spring project EXPO last week, more about it soon!