TAF exhibition "fastbreak" from South Korea now open

Tampere Art Factory exhibition "fastbreak" May 12 - June 1 2012
Gallery Emil
The Old Library House
Keskustori 4, Tampere
Opening hours
Mon and Fri 10am – 4pm, Tue - Thu 10am - 6pm, Sat - Sun 11am - 5pm
Free admission

"fastbreak" is a photography and video exhibition from South Korea. Professors and lecturers from the Chung Ang University in Seoul are giving an overview about their work.

South Korea, a neontiger country, is fast changing and devolping modern lifestyles, which are influencing strongly the daily life. A conflict of high tech and Confucianism is borne.

Yesterdays gadgets are tomorrows retrodreams. This seems to happen almost at the same moment.

The artists:
Yun Seoyun, Lim Soosic, Lee Yonghwan, Lee Ilwoo, Kim Youngsoo, Chun Kyunwoo, Bergmoser Walter
The exhibition was opened yesterday by student Jeong A Kim and professor Walter Bergmoser from Chung Ang University and curator Ulrich Haas-Pursiainen
Jeong A Kim, Walter Bergmoser and Ulrich Haas-Pursiainen  preparing
the opening
The openers posing in front of the cameras
Some of the hungry cameras
Photo by Juha Suonpää