TAF International Week - Day 2

Four new workshops started today, the two-day Open everything: Theories, Methodologies and Practices by Yu-Wei Lin (University of Salford, UK), the four day Video mapping on custom sculptures by Olav Huizer, Jelle Valk and Joachim Rümke (WERC, the Netherlands), the one-day 24 hours.in - revisited by James Fields (University of Lincoln, UK) and the three day Arduino Workshop by Danica Mast and Joey van der Bie (The Hague University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands).

Open everything: Theories, Methodologies and Practices
Video mapping

More video mapping
Arduino workshop

More Arduino workshop

Cyrille Bloemers and Johan Rijpma (Utrecht School of the Arts, Netherlands) wrapped their up two day workshop Producing with the audience and Jan Pier Brands and Hugo Engwerda (Hanzehogeschool Groningen, Netherlands) brought their two day Conditional Pop Culture Designing workshop to a happy end. Max Neupert (Bauhaus University Weimar, Germany) made the second day of his four day workshop Audiovisual Real-time Programming for Artists.
Producing with the audience
TAF group picture - one of the producing with the
audience workshop interactive installations
Conditional Pop-culture Designing critique session
Audiovisual Real-time Programming for Artists

More Audiovisual Real-time Programming for Artists

Tomorrow three new workshops will begin, and also the first two of the five International Week seminars.
In the International Teachers Lounge Tjepke Zijlstra, Utrecht School of the Arts,
TAMK Film&Television Programme Leader Leena Mäkelä,
Rosa Pons, University of Vic,
Emilija Veselova, International Week organiser,
Sohvi Sirkesalo, International Week coordinator and
Aurimas Gaižauskas, Vilnius College of Technologies and Design

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