Anima Boutique visit!

Story and photos: Emilia Kwiatkowska
Last Friday students from TAMK Media Programme had a great opportunity to take part in the trip to Helsinki organized by our school. The main destination of this visit was Kevätgraph, the digital graphic event but on the way we visited one of the most awesome places for digital artists in Finland – Anima and her sister company Anima Boutique.

Animator at work

Anima is a privately owned character-driven animation studio founded in the year 2000. They do both commercials and feature/series animation. Anima’s first real international hit 3D feature “Niko & The Way to the Stars” has sold in over 100 countries!
Anima Studio

In the studio we could see the real working environment, learn about programs which are used by company to animate and how important is team work. We could also hear about work and trainee opportunities in this company what a dream of some of our group members is. The most important for them is to have showreel (kind of portfolio) because they have to know what talent do you have and what you are able to do with it.

Our guide in this company was Martti Sirkkola, producer in Anima Boutique who is graduating soon from our program. He was very inspiring. Thanks to his courtesy we could see real works, he took us to every office room where we could see and hear from others employees what part of animation they are currently working on.
Emilia Kwiatkowska and Sami Vuohtoniemi, IMPs@Anima

I think that the most important moral from this visit is that we have to work as much we can on things which we love, only by practicing by our own we can become masters in our working field.

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