Fine Art graduates' exhibition took headstart to TAF

The first half of the graduation show of our Fine Art students had a joyous and welcoming vernissage at Art Centre Mältinranta on Friday. The second half will be opened on the opening day of Tampere Art Factory (TAF) next Friday at TR1 Kunsthalle, Finlayson.

Who is the crochet sculpture by Liisa Hietanen, who our lecturer
in Photography Art?

Mediums divide the graduating artists into two rough categories depending on whether they use their hands or machines to create their works. This difference is brought under your eyes by dividing the artworks themselves into two exhibitions according to technique. TR1 Kunshalle shows this year only photography, moving image and media art. Artworks in the fields of painting, drawing and sculpture are on exhibit in Art Center Mältinranta.

The exhibition of graduating Fine Art students of Tampere UAS TAMK 2012

Art Centre Mältinranta May 5 - 22, 2012
Kuninkaankatu 2 
Open Mon-Thu 12AM to 6PM, Fri-Sun 12AM to 4PM
Free Admission
TR1 Kunsthalle May 12 - June 3, 2012
Väinö Linnan aukio 13, Finlayson
Open Tue-Fri 9AM to 5PM, SAT-SUN 11AM to 6PM
Tickets 5/1€, on Fridays free admission
Some paintings can talk

Cookie Art was a fundamental part of the opening
Some works are bigger...
...while some works are smaller
Three talks, first Programme Leader Juha Suonpää (on right)
then the supervisor of the exhibition, Senior Lecturer Minna Suoniemi (centre)
and finally for the graduating students Mirka Kinnula
The artists listened to the talks solemnly
After the speeches time to untie the roses
And finally time to adorn with flowers and hugs!

The following artists exhibit at Art Centre Mältinranta:
Laura Hetemäki
Liisa Hietanen
Niina Huovinen
Mirka Kinnula
Suvi Luontama
Mikael Maaniittu
Mari-Sohvi Miettinen
Matti Sampela

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