'Youth as Refugees' at Arctic Fury November 3-7

Youth as Refugees community art project has been invited to INSIDE / OUTSIDE media art exhibition showing as a part of the Arctic Fury Film Festival this weekend November 3-7.

"INSIDE / OUTSIDE brings together artists from around the world in an exploration of boundary-related dichotomies such as inclusion versus exclusion, and interior versus exterior. The video and media works will be exhibited during the darkest time of the year in empty shops and storefronts around Rovaniemi, with a guide available from the central information center and exhibition in Sampokeskus."

The exhibition is curated by media artists Minna Rainio & Mark Roberts.

Youth as Refugees website has been made together with young people from Afghanistan, the Congo and Somalia, who seek asylum from Finland. The site tells the story of the homelessness of young refugees, their lives in refugee centers and attempts at integration into a foreign society. The same questions about the right for an education and a life in the community as an equal with other young people rise over and over again.

Youth as Refugees is made by our students and supervised by artist Pekka Niskanen. Youth as Refugees INSIDE / OUTSIDE
Arctic Fury Film Festival
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