Liepaja New Media Art Workshops

Make Liepaja Happy performance

Arrived in Liepaja, Latvia on Tuesday for the International New Media Art Week, the iweek, of the Art Research Lab of University of Liepaja.

The international workshops of the event started already on Saturday and Sunday, and yesterday the workshops exhibited their results.

First there was a jolly, singing parade trough the city center, ending up at the main street, raising up a huge banner where the citizens can write their opinion on what is needed to make Liepaja happy.

The workshop was conducted by Agnese Ivane (LV) and Rutger Middendorp (NL).

Albert van der Kooij, Academy of Popculture (NL) is getting high

The second workshop presenting the results  'The red pill – ways into the physical world' was conducted by Stefan Hermann (DE).

The workshop taught the basics of electronics, Arduino and physical computing and showed many small interactive installations.

Lotta Kallio from our Degree Programme in Fine Arts did programming first time

Breaking the Timeline workshop by Max Neupert (DE) demonstrated the third dimension of the moving image - time.

The Programming Creatively with Max conducted by Shawn Pinchbeck (CA/EE) showed how to play  with interactive sound and video art.

AUGMENTING LIEPAJA - Programming interactions in urban landscapes workshop conducted by Pawel Pokutycki (PL) made a demonstration on how citizens can interact with the city environment using simple electronic objects.

All the projects made by students from Liepaja, Leeuwarden and Tampere were awesome, and I got many ideas to bring with me back home.

Today and tomorrow we have seminars and other events, you will hear from those later.

Cai Melakoski

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