IMPs at EUROPRIX Multimedia Festival - day 3

The third day was again warmer and sunnier - like a normal nice day in June in Tampere. But not exactly, the trees are all naked. Pretty challenging to go inside to listen to key notes. But it was a good decision to go inside anyway.

The morning keynote was presented by Adam Montandon, the president of the festival. Adam is a EUROPRIX winner himself in 2004. Today he is lecturer in our partner school in Odense, and the chances are good we see him in Tampere soon.

The highlight of yesterday's keynote sessions was the Space Inviders game, this time live with the participants as the aliens, bullets, the player and the play control console. On the photo Tero Koskela as bullet targeted to defend earth against the invaders featuring Eevi Korhonen. IMPs did quite well, Eevi was the last Space Invader standing.

During the breaks IMPs had time to work with their assignment. Miska Wilhelmsson (on left) doing the interview with Stefan Wasserbauer from zapDial.

Instead of chairs the seats at Landloft were boxes, easy to move to arrange for different kind of activities.

Today EUROPRIX Award nominees will present their projects, and in the evening we will know the winners.
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