IMPs in Graz - day two

Joanneum open learning environment on top floor
The first morning in Graz was sunny and warm, so we walked to FH Joanneum which is close to Europa Plaz, where our hotel is. Joanneum was the venue of the Academic Network Conference, our main activity yesterday, but we made an early start to do a tour at Joanneum hosted by Paul Pivec and International koordinator Michaela Bernreiter.

Academic Network Conference introduced presentations fitting into the main theme "Teaching & learning with digital natives". Zsófia Ruttkay (on right) from Moholy-Nagu University of Art and
Design talked about the digital Renaissance.

In the evening the EUROPRIX exhibition was opened at the Austiran Boradcasting Company (ORF)
studios. The main activity after the short opening speeches was networking, first done systematically by speed dating. The participants rotated in circles on the stage, every circle made an introduction of its all seven members in four minutes, then a new circle was made. After the speed dating participants had a chance to continue the networking with sandwitches and drinks.

Pictured IMP Antti Kareinen on left, Eevi Korhonen introducing herself on right at the speeddating.
All 19 IMP students have an assignment to interview one of the teams nominated for EUROPRIX award.
Most IMPs met members of their team to interview during the speed dating or afterwards. Today the EUROPRIX Multimedia Festival will actually start, it's another sunny day in Graz.

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